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This video discusses the needless spending of our money to pay for brochures in our country. You can replace the Brochures with a PDF. By using a simple QR code. QR codes are similar to a bar codes but, with letters, numbers and symbols. QR Code readers are easily downloaded online. Open the QR Code reader, then point your phone at the QR code, and it will automatically open the Web site.

As a nation we spending tens of millions of dollars, that we are borrowing from China. To import oil from OPEC, to make diesel fuel. That diesel fuel is used to cut down trees and turn them into paper.

Literally millions of people a year go to Yosemite Valley. Each vehicle gets a brochure. The bulk of those brochures, are going into bear boxes, trash cans at the gas station, and at the airport. Since there's only one recycling bear box behind the village store, and you have to be at least 7 feet tall to use, and the fact that everybody's on vacation. There's virtually no recycling done at Yosemite Valley. This doesn't account for hiking maps and other brochures that they give away and the different sections of the park.

This all can go away by simply putting a QR code on a sticker and putting it at the entrance in different locations in the park. The person regardless of where they come from can download all of the maps brochures, and menus in their own language. This will make it a lot easier for everyone to use the National Park system. In Washington DC we have to be going through at least several tons of paper a day. This of course can be done worldwide. Think of all the oil that doesn't need to be pumped, and all the trees that don't need to be cut down.

What would you rather have, the maps, and brochures downloaded before you go to the park, or have to lug around kids, and remember to grab the brochures at the same time. If you can download all the maps, brochures and menus. This will make it a lot easier for people because they won't have to spent part of their time getting the brochures from someone. On the flight to Yosemite, you can do all your planning instead of having to try to do it at night when you're tired from hiking all day. This also means that fewer Rangers will have to man the park because people will be able to find their way around easier and those from other countries we'll have the information so they spend have to wait 20 minutes trying to get the info from the Ranger. With all this money, we can put some of it into having more Rangers and put up Wi-Fi in the main part of the national parks. That means that if someone gets hurt or lost they we'll be able to get help a whole lot quicker.

For the most part brochures are a needless waste of money. And most of the brochures going to the trash unless someone wants to take-home one as a souvenir, and a small amount of being recycled. This means most of them are going into landfills especially places like California. Given the digital option most people are going to take it. The sooner

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