Superheroes Wear Hoodies (captioned) by Jason Osborne

  • 3 years ago
In March 2020, Rise 365 a black run organisation based in the Kingsmead estate in Hackney, East London, initiated a food response programme to support those who had been affected most by the pandemic. Their efforts have seen them distribute over 30,000 hot meals to date and distribute bags of food to up to 300 households each weekend. This isn’t a council led operation, but a grass roots organisation led by Joyclen Buffong who has worked with young people for over 18 years, alongside a small band of young leaders who have banded together to make a difference to their community when it was needed the most. But they have done much more than just feed their community. They have changed the narrative perceived and perpetuated by others of young black boys and girls from their estate, proving that superheroes do indeed wear hoodies.

Directed by Jason Osborne
Funded and supported by Together TV