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2 months ago

Living In A TINY House On Wheels In Australia

This handy couple is living the miniature Australian lifestyle of our dreams.

Monique and Aswan were living cityside, paying far too much in rent, and working for the weekend. Once they had the idea to go small, they wasted no time. With Aswan’s carpentry skills and Monique’s willingness to learn, the build was not only manageable but enjoyable. Having a project to work on together was a win in itself; the two worked side by side and embraced the newfound bliss of sharing lunch every day. After 12 months of expert designing and seven months of building, the pair were ready to move in and take on a new lifestyle.

With two-thirds of their monthly expenses eliminated, both Monique and Aswan have been able to work part-time and expand their weekends. They may have limited space, but they also have more freedom to camp, ski, and savor a more relaxed way of living. They purposefully designed their snug home to have a little bit of luxury and a whole lot of comfort. Please see the pair drinking the world’s coziest cups of coffee in the video above for proof.

Relocated is a series from Bustle that features bold individuals who leave the beaten path behind to live a life by their own set of standards.

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