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Gunah - Brothers - Episode 03 | गुनाह - ब्रदर्स | FWFOriginals

28 years old Sagar and 25 years old Varun are brothers... But they are best friends more than siblings... They live with their mother Anjali... They are a happy family...
Sagar loves a girl named Riddhi, whom he secretly happens to marry and he brings her home to introduce her to his family... But the story takes a drastic turn when Sagar introduces Riddhi to his brother Varun... Does Riddhi and Varun know each other...? Or is there something going to happen between Riddhi and Varun...?

Flowing Water Films Present #Gunah #Brothers #FullEpisode03 #FWFOriginals

Flowing Water Films Present : Gunah (Episode 03)
Episode Title : Brothers
Language : Hindi ( With English Subtitles)
Featuring: Ujjwal Chopra, Sapan Gulati, Neha Rajesh Singh, Siddharth Danda, Kumkum Das
DOP: Pravat Tiwari
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue: Ravikiran Venkaty Sripuram
Editor: Jevan Jena
Background Score : Pratish Sinha
Marketing, Media & Publishing: Flowing Water Films
Directed By: Krishna Sharma
Produced By: Sanjeev Kumar & Vipin Kumar Chaudhary

:::::: Copyrights @ Flowing Water Films ::::::

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