Mayank Chhaya speaks with Pavan Varma, former Indian diplomat and MP, on his upcoming book ‘The Great Hindu Civilisation” | SAM Conversation

  • 3 years ago
Welcome to Mayank Chhaya Reports. My guest is the well-known author, diplomat, politician and the ever-compelling articulator of India’s great civilizational legacies, Pavan Varma.

He is here to discuss his latest book ‘The Great Hindu Civilization: Achievement, Neglect, Bias and the Way Forward’ (Westland).

The book, formally launched on August 10 in New Delhi, takes in its sweep grand themes of the great Hindu civilization and how Hindus need to shake off decades of apathy and indifference towards its varied profound accomplishments in metaphysics, philosophy, art, creativity, polity, society, science and economics.