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Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux
Philosopher Stefan Molyneux in deep conversation with Suzanne Venker.

Never before has a generation of women been so massively misled!

America is single. It's divorced, under committed, and hopelessly out of touch with how to build a relationship that lasts. Women, in particular, are groomed for a life centered on career and on being fiercely independent—as though marriage and family were a nice idea, or a possible accompaniment, to an otherwise satisfying life.

But if flying solo is so great, why are online dating sites a billion-dollar industry, replete with clients looking to get hitched?

In How to Get Hitched (and Stay Hitched): A 12-Step Program for Marriage-Minded Women, author and marriage coach Suzanne Venker exposes 4 lies the culture tells and provides a detox in the form of a 12-step program to redress the false messaging women absorb about men, sex, marriage, work and family.

If you're a woman who wants a happy marriage and a balanced life, you're going to need a new roadmap. And now you have one.

In this 12-step program, you will learn:

Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of these years

How to date with purpose and a plan

Why living with a man to whom you’re not engaged is a massive mistake

Facts about your fertility no one will tell you

Why love alone is no reason to get married

A brand new way to balance work & family


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