2 years ago

Best Sublimation Printer for T Shirts -How To Do Sublimation Printing on Dark T Shirts

We just sublimated on these black t-shirts using two techniques use bleach and sublimation https://bestsublimationsprinter.com/best-sublimations-printer-for-t-shirts/ , and I use caesar's easy sublease, and we'll show you how we did it right now; what is up a welcome back do you like to do a building or make it.

We have a new video each week; this week, we're back in black with some dark t-shirt sublimation; we're going to try two ways to sublimate on dark or black t-shirts. Yeah, we were going to do a wood round shelf video, which I still want to do, but we've had to furlough Pakistan brad because of the price of wood; we'll miss them; they'll be back; yeah, we looked at this four by eight sheet of plywood.