Eski Giresun - Old Giresun / Eski Türkiye - Old Turkey (Renkli - Colorized) 1890'larla 1990'lar arası görüntüler / fotoğraflar - Images / photos between 1890's and 1990's

  • 3 years ago
Giresun is located in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea region is among the provinces where many domestic and foreign tourists visited. The fact that the only island in the Black Sea Region is in Giresun is one of the natural beauties of the city. The city, which stands out with its natural beauties, has plateaus, streams and mountains.

History of Giresun

Before the Greek colony in the city, the indigenous tribes of the Black Sea live and there are villages belonging to the Laz people in the 7th years BC. Entering the reign of the Persian Empire in the 6th century BC, Giresun was liberated after Alexander the Great’s demolition of the Persian Empire. The city, which was later annexed by the Kingdom of Pontus, began the Romanization process that would last 1300 years, occupied by the Roman Empire, like all other Eastern Black Sea cities, after the Battle of Zela.

In Giresun, which was a very important city in the Roman period, there is even a money that is used specific to the city. With the Ottoman Empire conquering the Trabzon Empire in 1461, Giresun came under the rule of this state.

Giresun, which was connected to Trabzon Province in the Ottoman Empire, was merged with Ordu, Tirebolu and Görele accidents in 1920 and Giresun Sanjak was established. With the establishment of the Republic of Turkey it became a province in 1923.