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Rumelian Castle 360 View

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Rumelian Castle

The Rumelian Castle, is a fortress located on a hill at the European side of the Bosphorus. It gives the name of the quarter around it.
It was built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II between 1451 and 1452, before his army's conquest of Constantinople.
A battalion of 400 Janissaries were stationed in the fortress, and large cannons were placed in the Halil Pasha Tower, the main tower on the waterfront. A Venetian ship coming from the Black Sea which ignored the order to halt by the commander of the fortress, Firuz Ağa, was bombarded and sunk, and its surviving crewmen were beheaded as a warning to any who might attempt the same. These cannons were later used until the second half of the 19th century to greet the sultan when he passed by sea.
After the fall of Constantinople, the fortress served as a customs checkpoint.
Today The Rumelian Tower is a museum and an open-air theater for various concerts at festivals during the summer months.

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