Metro: Exodus - Enhanced Edition - First Few Mins Gameplay

  • 3 years ago
Enhanced Edition features
• Lighting with full ray tracing - now for each light source.
• Ray tracing and noise elimination for the next generation of graphics cards.
• New generation temporary reconstruction technology.
• Global illumination with per-pixel ray tracing.
• Light-emitting surfaces with shadow areas using ray tracing.
• An infinite number of ray-traced light reflections.
• Atmosphere and transparent surfaces now have ray-traced indirect lighting.
• Full support for ray-traced lighting model - with blurring of colors and for each light source.
• Improved reflections with ray tracing.
• Maximum support for DX12 (including DXR 1.1 and variable speed shading).
• Support for FP16 format for video cards and thousands of optimized shaders.
• DLSS 2.0 support.
• Adding a slider for the field of view in the parameters of the main game.
• Adding 4K textures to packages.
• Further bug fixes and debugging.