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Pop a Blood Blister

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How to Pop a Blood Blister

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A blood blister is a pouch on the top layers of skin which contains blood orfluids. Blood blisters are commonly due to pinches bruises or repeated rubbing of the area. A blood blister can happen anywhere but the most common areas are the fingers toes heels mouth and at or under the nails. If you get a blood blister you should leave it alone and not pop it. However if you have to pop a blood blister you must be very careful and take steps to prevent infection. Pop larger blood blisters. You should try to refrain from popping blood blisters if possible. However if it gets too painful you can pop larger blood blisters. If your blood blister is larger than a pea or it is causing significant discomfort pain or interfering with walking or working you can carefully pop the blood blister.

Wash the area. Wash the area with the blood blister with an antibacterial soap. Also wash your hands well. Let the soap stay on your hands for at least one to two minutes. Rinse your hands and the area well.

Use a sterile blade. Preferably you should use a sterile lancet or scalpel blade when you pop a blood blister. If you dont have either you can use a sterilized pin or needle. If you have alcohol soak a pin or needle in the alcohol.

Pierce the top of the blister. To pop the blister lance or pierce the top of the blister. You will not need to penetrate deeply because you only have a thin layer of tissue to get through. You can press gently on the blister to help remove the fluid. Use a clean cloth or gauze to sponge up the blood. Apply pressure until any bleeding stops.

Leave the blister roof intact. After popping the blood blister make sure you do not remove the blister roof. The flap of skin covering the blister helps prevent infection. Leave it so it can protect the skin underneath.

Cover the area. Apply an antiseptic such as betadine iodine or an antibiotic cream to the popped blister. Then cover the area with a clean gauze or bandage. Remember to make the bandage thick enough to protect the area from any rubbing or extra pressure.

Know when you shouldnt pop a blood blister. Certain conditions make draining a blood blister dangerous. If you have diabetes HIV cancer or heart disease or if you have a blood clotting problem or are taking blood thinner medications you should never pop the blood blister yourself. It can lead to infection which could be dangerous. Instead go to your doctor and discuss what to do with him.The blood comes from broken blood vessels under the raised pocket of skin
New skin will form underneath the affected area and the fluid is simply absorbed
Blood blisters should be left alone so they can heal

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