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10 months ago

Install a Sliding Screen Door

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How to Install a Sliding Screen Door

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Sliding screen doors make it easy to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while keeping bugs and other pests out of your home. If youre thinking about adding a screen door to an existing sliding glass door on your porch or patio youll first need to measure your door frame and purchase a door with the correct dimensions. Installation is then as simple as guiding the top of the door into the upper rail and lifting the bottom up and over the lower rail making sure the rollers are aligned with the track on the inside of the frame. Measure your door frame to determine what size door you need. Stretch a tape measure from the top of the upper rail to the top of the lower rail. Then measure the overall width of the door frame divide that number in half and add 2 inch 1.3 cm to find the necessary width of your door. Most screen doors will be 7880 200200 cm high and between 30.5 77 cm and 48.5 123 cm wide.

Look at doors in a wide range of materials. Most sliding screen doors are made from lightweight aluminum which makes them easy to slide open and closed with one hand. However you can also find doors constructed of materials like steel and treated wood. One of these may complement the style of your home better than an ordinary aluminum door would.

Buy a sliding screen door in the correct dimensions. Run down to your local hardware store or home improvement center and shop around for a screen door that matches the size measurements you just took. Be sure to pick out a style you like as youll likely be passing through your screen door several times a day.

Unwrap your screen door and sort through the included accessories. After bringing your screen door home peel off the plastic wrap its packaged in and dispose of any cardboard labels or corner pieces. If your door came complete with installation accessories like screws or latching mechanisms remove them and set them aside. Youll usually find these taped to the handle section of the door in a small plastic bag.The cost to install a screen door ranges from $100 to $1,550, or about $300 on average
Since screen doors are lightweight and are not used for security, many DIYers find it easy to install a screen door on their own

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