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10 months ago

Enjoy Vegemite

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How to Enjoy Vegemite

The information in this strictly opinion based and is for general educational purposes only.

The MASTERS Guide to Enjoy Vegemite,

Vegemite is a yeast extract obtained from the leftovers after brewing beer. It is essentially the same product as Marmite but many people argue about which is better. For all intents and purposes they are pretty similar in substance. While Australians will seriously caution against ever eating Vegemite on its own they will equally encourage how delicious it is when used properly. By learning the proper proportional use and what dishes are enhanced with Vegemite you can learn to enjoy just as much as any Aussie. Dont eat it plain. Although it may be common practice when trying a condiment to taste just a bit on your finger or on a spoon doing so with Vegemite will likely result in you never wanting to eat it again. Vegemite is meant to be used as a condiment or a seasoning not as a stand alone food. This is part of why it has such a strong taste because it is meant to add flavor to other foods.

Use it sparingly. This is the most important thing to remember. Vegemite has a strong taste and it can be pretty unpalatable at first. To enjoy your first taste or to acquire the taste over time be sure to start off with a toasted bread that has a nice serve of butter and very small amount of vegemite about the size of a pea to begin with. Because it is so strong a little bit will go a long way in adding taste. If you overdo it when first trying it out you may cause yourself to not want to try it again.

Experiment with it. If you begin to enjoy the taste or you want to enjoy it more do not be afraid to try adding it to dishes that you already like. Think of it as any other seasoning and experiment with using it. The worst that can happen is you find out it isnt good on certain things but if you are lucky you might stumble upon a great combination that you would not have thought of before.

Pair Vegemite with salty foods. Vegemite is salty and savory so it pairs best with other salty foods. Dont mix it with something sweet. It mixes well with beef and chicken dishes.

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