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10 months ago

Keep a Single Pigeon

How To Do Stuff
How to Keep a Single Pigeon

This video is entirely opinion based and the methods described are for strictly educational use only.

The ONLY Method to Keep a Single Pigeon,

Pigeons are friendly animals that have been domesticated for centuries. They have even been trained to perform tasks like carrying messages. Pigeons prefer to have company. So if you plan to have only one you should be committed to giving it a lot of attention. Consider the commitment. Because pigeons are social animals keeping a single one is only recommended if you are sure you can offer enough time and companionship to keep your pigeon happy.

Purchase cages. You should have indoor accommodations for your pigeon and if at all possible outside accommodations as well. It is important that you prepare these ahead of time. It will be disconcerting to the pigeon to relocate it withoutit with a new home immediately. Clean all cages before your pigeon arrives.

Purchase food. There are a variety of mixes that are designed for pigeons and doves. Pelleted diets are the best source of nutrients. Seed diets and other commercial mixes will require more supplementation.

Find a pigeon. Online you can find databases of local breeders.. Some locations also have issues with abandoned pigeons. That means you should be able find them at the local animal shelter. Either way you should ask about the breed of pigeon and care specifications because different breeds vary considerably in terms of needs and behavior.

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