SEO Bangla Tutorial. Wordpress Site Yoast SEO Bangla Part 4

  • 3 years ago
Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important topic in Digital Marketing. SEO Ranking Factor depends on many things like Content writing, Keyword research, Backlinks and others.

In this Bangla video tutorial, you’re going to learn about:
- What is SEO?
- Types of SEO.
- What is Organic SEO?
- What is PPC?
- SEO On-Page and Off-page optimization.
- SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
- Google Knowledge Graph or One Box.
- Google Local Pack or Snack Pack Result.

Should You Spend Time on Meta Tags?

Sumon Kumar
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Anytime you do a Google search, what do you see? Well, of course you see a listings page, but you also see a title and description of each website.
The title and description are meta tags, which Google pulls from your website.

There are a few different meta tags. The title and description that I described above. As well as a meta keywords tag.

A meta keywords tag is where you tell search engines what keyword the page is related to. This meta tag is useless and search engines ignore it.

Now when you first create a new web page, don't spend too much time on your meta tags. Instead of stuffing keywords into them, focus on making them appealing so people click on them.

The reason you don't want to spend too much time on your meta tags is that new pages tend not to rank well on search engines.

Once your page is 6 months old you'll notice that it will get more traffic. From there you'll want to log into Google Search Console and see what keywords Google is driving to that page.

You can then integrate those keywords into your title and meta description and over time your rankings will climb higher. Just make sure when you modify your meta tags you keep the user in mind. They should ideally contain keywords and be appealing when people read them.


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