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Talk to a Probation Officer

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How to Talk to a Probation Officer

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How to Talk to a Probation Officer
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If you plead guilty to or wereof a crime then you may have been sentenced to probation. Probation can be imposed in place of a jail sentence or after you are released from jail. As a probationer you will face a host of requirements. One requirement is that you meet with a probation officer. Maintaining a cordial relationship with your probation officer is crucial to your ability to ultimately complete probation. Keep track of meeting dates. You should always know when you need to meet with your probation officer. The frequency of your meetings will depend on the supervision plan crafted by your officer. Some offenders meet weekly with their probation officer. Others meet less frequently.

Follow your probation conditions. It may sound obvious but it bears repeating you must follow all probation conditions imposed on you by the court. If you are ordered to remain drug free then dont slip up. If you have to attend classes make sure never to miss one. If the judge sentenced you to community service complete all of your hours and do a good job.

Dress appropriately. You should always look presentable when meeting with your probation officer. Wear the type of clothes you would wear to an interview for an office job. Men should wear dress pants and a collared shirt tucked in. Women should wear slacks and a blouse or a dress.

Appreciate the stakes. You need to get along with your probation officer because he or she holds tremendous power over your future. For example if you violate the conditions of your probation then the officer must notify the court. Depending on the seriousness of the violation the probation officer can request that the judge revoke probation.Contact Your Local Police Most likely, your violator isn't going to be forthcoming with his probation officer's information
You can call, but the question is are you ok with the consequences should the probation officer violate his probation
Notable other skills that employers often look for when hiring a probation officer, include:
Sometimes criminal defendants also have to meet with a probation officer so that the officer can create a pre-sentence report

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