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11 months ago

Dominate a Capuchin Monkey

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How to Dominate a Capuchin Monkey

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How to Dominate a Capuchin Monkey
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Capuchin monkeys have been kept as pets and companions by humans for quite some time. Given the proper care and attention that they require Capuchin monkeys can make good companions. However they are still wild animals and may become upset angry or scared causing them to adopt aggressive behaviors. Preventing aggressive behavior is the best method to avoid trouble. By learning how to care for your Capuchin and how to act when they are aggressive you can help to keep your relationship as healthy as it can be. Learn your Capuchins body language. Although Capuchins do make some vocalizations they communicate largely through their body language. Learning their body language can be a great way to understand what your monkey is saying allowing you to work with them to meet their needs.

Learn what your Capuchins vocalizations mean. While body language is the main method that your Capuchin will use to communicate your monkey will also use vocalizations. Learning what these vocalizations mean can help you to understand and work with your monkey to keep them happy and manage their behavior.

Discover what upsets your Capuchin. Although Capuchins are highly intelligent they lack impulse control and can also become upset or scared easily. Learning the common causes of inappropriate behavior in your Capuchin can help you and your monkey avoid these situations and improve your relationship. Review some of the most common triggers for poor or dangerous behavior when working with a Capuchin monkey

Understand that your monkey may never behave. Although you may offer your monkey a good home excellent care and training they may still never behave as you want them to. Each monkey will have its own personality and it is impossible to predict or fully control the behavior of your monkey.These appearances have prompted people to want pet capuchins
Capuchins don't only throw stones—the monkeys also have embarrassingly familiar flirting tactics like pouting, posing, and touching the guy's fur and running away
National Geographic Kids Capuchin monkeys say 'hello' by sticking their fingers up each other's noses
Weird Science on Twitter: "When greeting each other, capuchin monkeys stick their fingers up each other's noses: a monkey handshake

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