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11 months ago

Make a Betta Trust You

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How to Make a Betta Trust You
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How to Make a Betta Trust You Betta fish are very popular. In fact in the pet fish world they may be nearly as popular as goldfish. 1 X Research source With their beautiful coloration and flowing tails 2 X Research source it is easy to see why bettas are so appealing. You may wonder how you can make your betta trust you. By caring for his health safety and wellbeing you will let your betta know that he can trust with you his care throughout his life. Place your bettas tank where he can see you. Bettas like to observe whats going on around them. One way to interact with your betta is to put his tank where he can see what you are doing. Although this is not direct interaction it allows your betta to see you as part of his environment which can keep him mentally alert and occupied. Teach your betta to follow your finger. Bettas are very intelligent fish. Although you may not have thought it possible to teach a fish a trick you can certainly do with your betta. One trick you can teach him is to follow your finger. This one is pretty simple place your finger on your bettas tank and wait for him to respond by swimming towards your finger. Move your finger in all directions on the outside of his tank and watch him follow your finger around.Train your betta to jump out of the water. Place a small piece of food just above the waters surface. You can place the food on a popsicle stick or even your finger. Because betta naturally feed at the waters surface this will be an easy trick for your betta to learn.Doodle on the outside of your bettas tank. Since bettas enjoy observing their environment pique your bettas interest by drawing on his tank. Use a non permanent dry erase marker and draw different designs. Stand by and watch your betta swim towards the design and investigate it.Teach your betta to flare. Hold a small handheld mirror close to your bettas tank. Since your betta is so intelligent he will likely recognize his own reflection. When he does this he will flare his fins which can be a very beautiful display.

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