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7 months ago

Paris Video Tech #13: Apéro Vidéo Confiné

Paris Video Tech
Paris Video Tech
Talk PVT #13, 10/12/2020 @Online - In English

- 05:08 Frederic Petitpont, Newsbridge: How to index with AI more than 1000 video streams in parallel
using big data technologies?

- 34:32 Romain Bouqueau, GPAC: From standardization to conformance: the “making of” your favorite media standards

- 1:29:50 Patrick Gendron, Harmonic: Impact of Low latency CMAF based delivery on DAI and DRM

- 1:58:46 Mickaël Raulet, ATEME: CMAF: what’s new on LL-DASH & LL-HLS & VVC?

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