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2 years ago

Keith Jarrett The Art of Improvisation Part 1/10

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Keith Jarrett The Art of Improvisation Part 1/10

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This is the first part (if YouTube consents) of the best filmed documentary about the great musician KEITH JARRETT. It will be divided in ten parts of about 10 minutes each one.

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"In this in-depth portrait of one of the world's superstars of Jazz, pianist Keith Jarrett talks about the range of his music, the importance of improvisation, the great artists he has worked with, nd about the highs and lows of his life. Further iniaghts are provided by fellow musicians, family members and other musical assocaites. Incorporating recordings and rare archive footage of concerts dating back to thr 1960s and including such greats as Miles Davis and Charles Lloyd, this first-ever major documetary has been made with the full cooperation of Keith Jarrett himself."

"With, in order of appearance, Keith Jarrett, Manfred Eicher, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Cloud, Scott Jarrett, George Avakian, Gary Burton, Toshinari Koinuma, Chick Corea, Charlie Haden, Dewey Redman, Rose Anne Jarrett and Palle Danielsson."

Directed and narrated by Mike Dibb.
Programme consultant; Ian Carr.