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Mike Yeadon - former Pfizer VP - Government Coronavirus Interventions Based on Bad Science - YOUTUBE BANNED

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Yeadon former Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of pharma giant Pfizer for 16 years. Also a successful entrepreneur, the founder of a biotech company which was acquired by Novartis... plus biological sciences Double First with Honours, and research based PhD in mechanisms of drug action

"In this exclusive film, former Pfizer Vice President Mike Yeadon discusses his thoughts as to why the lockdown was a mistake, and why the government strategies to manage the pandemic are only making things worse."

Source: Unlocked UK (YT channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMvZbjbyUsh9T505aiPpv9w), 19 Nov, 2019
"Since the start of the Lockdown @Unlocked was the first to tackle the big topics the mainstream media avoided."

See also, "Coronavirus Lockdowns Were a Mistake. The Media is Continuing to Mislead – EP16: Knut Wittkowski", https://podcast.hyperwellbeing.com/episode/016-knut-wittkowski-coronavirus-lockdowns-were-a-mistake/

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