Governor Cuomo Fires Back at Trump: ‘Stop the Narcissism’

  • 4 years ago
Governor Cuomo Fires Back at Trump:
‘Stop the Narcissism’.
On Sunday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tore
into Donald Trump after the president suggested
New York would not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. .
What the president says is just
untrue ... You’re better off trying to
argue with a rock ... There can be no
more fundamental right in this
moment than access to the vaccine, Andrew Cuomo, via HuffPost.
He then explained that New York’s
advisory task force was in place to establish
credibility in the FDA’s approval of the vaccine. .
To give people confidence in
the approval process ... to establish
the credibility they don’t have
in President Trump, Andrew Cuomo, via HuffPost.
He also noted that the group
would help ensure an "equitable
vaccine process," as Trump’s vague
distribution plan heavily relies on
private health care companies. .
Let me be clear — the Black and brown
communities that were first on the list of
who died cannot be last on the list of
who receives the vaccine, period, Andrew Cuomo, via HuffPost.
Trump made his initial remarks on Friday,
saying the vaccine would not be released
in the state because of “political reasons.” .
As soon as April the vaccine will be available to
the entire general population with the exception
of places like New York State ... , Donald Trump, via HuffPost.
He went on to say that Cuomo “wants to
take his time with the vaccine” because he
“doesn’t trust where [it’s] coming from.”