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11 months ago

Rucci, AzChike, and Haiti Babii consider eternal life and save Netflix

As quarantine rolls on, there's never been a better time to call up a couple of your friends and pass the time with the classic party game Would You Rather. If you haven't done that yet, The FADER's latest episode in our Would You Rather series is a great incentive: Rucci, Azchike, and Haiti Babii, three young, promising rappers, shoot the breeze over a video call. Their conversation covers choosing Erykah Badu or Missy Elliott to redesign their cribs, starring in a remake of 'Training Day' over a sequel to 'Bad Boys,' and contains at least one viable Netflix pitch. With lots of laughs and a contagious chemistry, the clip will put a smile on your face and possibly send you to YouTube to watch Michael Jordan highlight reels.

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