Nature Therapy: Relaxing Full Motion Forestry with Natural Sounds| Deep in the Forest| 4K Virtual Forest Walk along Middle Fork Trail at Snoqualmie region | 4K Nature Walk - Forest/River Fabulous Views with Calm Music and Birds Chirping

  • 4 years ago
Forest View with Peaceful Music | Forest Life Real Views with Relaxing Music & Sounds

It is a nature therapy video project to bring the serenity of the natural world into the home or healing environment to provide a more tranquil experience. We strive to use fewer camera cuts and movements to support a soothed and relaxed experience, all while engaging focus through vibrant colors and organic sounds direct from nature. What makes videos so unique is that they are developed to experience the serenity of nature and the environment from a human's point-of-view.

Betake yourself to a virtual walk along the green forest in Snoqualmie Region, WA. Feel relaxed together with a new 4K relax video with piano music

Spend a sunny day close to nature! Walk along the bank of the river, take a winding trail to a sun-lit forest and take a break near the river. Sit on a bank of the river and enjoy fabulous views!