20201010 Barry Shaw with Dr Zelenko and Harvey Risch on HCQ and the Big Lie - The View from Israel

  • 4 years ago
How much longer can the Media and Big Pharma stop the message that HCQ and Zinc works.
In an extraordinary interview of Dr Zelenko and Harvey Risch with Barry Shaw on his program "The View from Israel", it is explained just how far politics will go to cover up the stunning efficacy (Circa 80% reduced hospitalization) of the outpatient triple therapy treatment of HCQ , Zinc and AZQ.
Israel's Health Ministers were repeatedly approached by Dr Zelenko and not until the Health Minister himself contracted Covid and took the triple therapy was HCQ accepted. BUT then a change of ministers and the HCQ treament was taken off the table for Israeli citizens.
Shame on you Israeli Health ministers ; think of the extraordinary efforts Israel will go save one soldier captured by Hamas; even the efforts Israel will go through to recover the bodies of it people and you have $%^%$ Ministers that make purely political decisions that result in "the terrorism of Covid19" resulting in lock-downs and the intentional obstruction of its doctors from applying measures that will limit the impact of this disease.

Dr Zelenko is perhaps the Pioneer of the Outpatient Risk Stratified HCQ(low Dose) + Zinc + AZQ treatment Protocol for the treatment of Covid19.
Faced with Leftist Media and Politicians Demonizing HCQ becasue of its "Game Changer" association with President Donald Trump, Dr Zelenko shows he is more than a brilliant Doctor. He is a man of God, Morals and frankly a modern day Hero. Big Pharma are also not interested to see HCQ succeed with other much more lucrative offerings on the table from them to treat Covid19 at the Hospital stage of the disease. There is an Obvious play out of Good Versus evil here: A Man with a cure that he worked out with his intellect and guidance from his Belief versus evil forces putting self interest ahead of promoting or even allowing the good mans cure to be adopted.

If Dr Zelenko's results from his frontline work and his triple therapy are not enough and the call of thousands of doctors around the world echoing that call then Politicians be on notice; these Doctors are backed by better qualified and more ethical experts than you can ever claim to say advised you otherwize; it is not y our experts that you will be able to blame it will be YOU directly; YOU are culpable.

An Example of the caliber of real experts who will shoot not only your experts down but ultimately YOU :
Dr Harvey Risch is Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Risch weighs in to the HCQ support team.

There may be workaround of using Invermectin as the Ionophore for Zinc in place of Zinc where politically motivated evil is blocking the passage of HCQ

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