July 24, 2020 Dr. George Fareed sees success treating COVID-19 patients with ‘HCQ cocktail’

  • 4 years ago
Another Doctor Using HCQ, Zinc and AZQ
He has to battle against FDA just to use a Drug that has been used for Decades
Dr. George Fareed finds success in treating coronavirus patients with a combination of a hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) cocktail made out of azithromycin or doxycycline and zinc.
“We need to alleviate the fear in the population that they should know that they can take something that will help them avoid pneumonia and deterioration that we want to see stopped. I work at Pioneers hospital and as an outpatient medical director. We’ve seen thousands of patients and our results have been very favorable,"

Fareed has written a letter to president Trump and the presidential task force saying we need a drastic shift in our approach in fighting the virus.

Presenting his findings and of his colleagues who have found success treating patients with the hydroxychloroquine cocktail.

Fareed believes the HCQ cocktail is the answer in helping fight the virus.

“We are not following what’s been successful in other countries where the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin zinc has been effective in reducing mortality," said Fareed.

"The perfect candidate is an individual who’s symptomatic and has recently been infected and the best candidates of course are high-risk patients," said Fareed.

In the U.S. , remdesivir has been the treatment of choice for COVID-19.

Fareed says he’s seen great success with hydroxychloroquine and will continue to advocate for its use in treating coronavirus patients.