Japanology Plus - NHK Special : Discover Japanology

  • 4 years ago
Episode Number : 1
Season : 0
Originally Aired : November 8, 2014

What is the country of Japan like? Watch a special program on a symposium entitled "Japan from Within and Without", held exclusively for Sophia University students and researchers. NHK WORLD TV program "Japanology Plus" and "BEGIN Japanology" has been exploring multiple aspects of Japan for more than 10 years. However, not only foreigners but also Japanese tend to speak about Japan based on typical stereotypes. Share the symposium discussion and consider "Diversity of Japan", "Japanese people" and "Potentiality of Japanology". Speakers include Peter Barakan (Host of "Japanology Plus" & "BEGIN Japanology"), Reinhard Zöllner (Professor of University of Bonn, Germany), Mechthild Duppel (Associate professor of Sophia University), etc.