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Family horrified to find pieces of their sushi glowing fluorescent blue

This is the stomach churning moment a family took sushi home for dinner - only to find it was GLOWING fluorescent blue.

Arun Yolpaiboon, 58, went to a shopping mall in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, where she bought three boxes of the raw fish and rice on July 28.

However, as the businesswoman drove home she noticed that two boxes contained bright blue glowing shrimps.

Arun's son Natthanai Kanchanawasa, 21, decided to boil one of the shrimps and tasted it despite his mother ordering him to leave them untouched.

He said that since trying the toxic snack, he has not suffered any illness but the glowing meal still frightened the family.

He said: "It was strange to see a glowing shrimp like this since we like to eat the sushi regularly. We could have eaten it without realising had it not changed colour.

"Luckily, I have not had any strange symptoms after eating it but perhaps it was because it was boiled."

The associate professor of biology at Chulalongkorn University PhD Jessada Denduangboripant explained that the shrimp could have been glowing as it had not been stored at a low enough temperature, which allowed it to be contaminated with fluorescent bacteria.

He said: "Normally, the seafood can be contaminated with fluorescent bacteria but they are eradicated by heat in the cooking process.

"But in sushi the seafoods are mostly uncooked so they should be kept in very low temperatures to limit the bacteria numbers.

"I believe the shrimps on the sushi might not have been kept under a sufficiently low temperature which caused the amount of bacteria to increase."

The professor added that the consumer should not eat any pieces of glowing sushi due to the potential infection.

He said: "There are various possible bacteria on the shrimp and it needs to be examined before it is safe to consume otherwise the consumer might suffer from food poisoning."

Arun, a businesswoman, said she would be more careful choosing the sushi from now on.

She added: "This is a surprise lesson for me and it will affect my decision next time when I'm choosing what food to buy.

"I think I have to be more careful or I could suffer from digestion infections or food poisoning.''

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