Food delivery rider wears fighter pilot helmet to live-out his childhood dreams

  • 4 years ago
A food delivery rider who still dreams of becoming a fighter pilot has modified his helmet with military jet equipment.

The worker, named Tong, has spent 20,000 Thai baht (521GBP) kitting out his protective headgear with pieces used in air force planes.

Tong's colleague Pongsakorn recorded his friend wearing the black helmet modified with accessories such as a breathing tube, goggles and sight scopes on Friday (June 26).

With his unique safety hat and motorcycle, the food deliverer, who is in his thirties, attracts customers everywhere he goes.

Tong, from Maha Sarakham northeastern Thailand, said he dreamed of becoming a pilot when he was young but circumstances made him a delivery rider instead.

He said: "It's enjoyable if I wear my helmet while riding to places. I feel like I am working as a pilot, but a pilot who delivers food.

"I enjoy being a food rider while wearing my favourite helmet because it fulfills my dreams."

Tong has been working as a food rider for five months now. He said he is a big fan of flight simulators.

The filmer, Pongsakorn, said: "People are amazed when they see him waiting for orders at restaurants as he looks like a fighter jet pilot.''