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Your First Love May Not Have Been Real Love, According to Science | Bustle

Is teenage love just hormones, or can it be more?

Don’t slam the bedroom door, but it turns out that you may not have really, truly been in love with your high school relationship. While about half of teenagers date, and half of those people look back fondly at their high school relationships, research shows that teens may not have the capacity for all the facets of love. It’s not that young people can’t feel love, because they certainly feel a lot of emotions, it’s just that they may not be able to rationally process those feelings. And in turn they may not be able to communicate their feelings properly and therefore can’t foster a healthy, long-lasting relationship. And it actually seems that teens who don’t date have better interpersonal skills and are less likely to be depressed. So does young love exist? Does young love last? According to science… maybe not. But if you’re following your heart (or certain other body parts) you probably won’t care about science.