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Thousands of caterpillars invade woman's home forcing her to leave

Thousands of caterpillars invaded a woman's house in Yasothon, northeastern Thailand.

Samang Chandarak, 66, was horrified when the bugs appeared in her home earlier this month. For five days tried to sweep them away but they kept multiplying.

Footage from May 26 shows the dark black creepy crawlies covering floors and walls in her property.

Samang said: "I started to notice the army of them crawling into my house so I swept them into a dustpan and poured it away from the house.

"However, the following day hundreds more returned. I have been dealing with them for four days and they don't stop coming.

Samang added that she is now afraid of living in her house because even powerful insecticides have failed to eradicate them.

She said: "I contacted the local authority and they sent the staff to spray my house with insecticide but the bugs have not gone away.

"My skin has started to become itchy and it makes me unhappy. I cannot carry on living here. I'll have to abandon my home.''

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