Bronson Lee Champion - Opening Credits (Tadashi Yamashita)

  • há 4 anos ZA KARATE: TRILOGY - PART 1 (1974)
The first of an increasingly bizarre trilogy of straight faced action satires, the kind that only Japan could have produced. Hoping to use the prize money to save his grandmother's mid-Western farm, Tadashi Yamashita journeys to Japan to compete in a karate tournament in director Yukio Noda's martial arts actioner. But things get dicey when a pair of underworld characters try to rig the outcome by pitting him against a brutal opponent known as the 'Black Tiger', a ruthless fighter from Singapore.

For this sequel, director Yukio Noda amps up both the action and ridiculousness considerably. The film opens with Yamashita being challenged by the 'Guillotine Brothers' of New Guinea. He defeats the pair only to be forbidden from fighting by his karate instructor. Regardless, once word of the Brothers' defeat spreads, fighters from all over the world are dispatched to kill