Amazing Tarte Tatin - Revisited Spiral Recipe (Recette Tarte Tatin)

  • 4 years ago
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Welcome to the Food of the Dodo !
We got inspired by William Lamagnère and his spiral version of the "tarte Tatin", to create this new version. It is composed of 7 small spiral instead of a big one :)
I do not own a spirilizer to cut the apples in strap (and I guess most of you don't), but I found that a conventional peeler is perfect for the job !

This tart should fit the stomach of 4 hungry mouths.


1. The shortcrust pastry :

- 250 gr of flour
- 50 gr of butter
- Teaspoon of salt
- 50 mL water
- 1 egg yolk

2. The garnish :

- 7 big apples "Pink Lady" (or Golden, Boskoop, etc.)
- 75 gr of sugar
- 50 gr of butter
- Fresh heavy cream (optional)

Equipment :

- A pan of 18 cm diameter
- A peeler

Bake in oven 40 minutes at 180˚C

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