This is how Pakistanis treat Tourists in Lahore | VLOG Pakistan

  • 4 years ago
I don't wanna be emotional but I know that when I look back in a few years at this video.. it will make me cry. Because behind every scene and behind every smile are other people that made this possible. People who showed us around. Locals that made us feel home at their home. Strangers asking for selfies. People who don't have a lot and still insisting on treating us for lunch. And the list goes on. And the crazy part? I didn't expect this at all. Actually, I was kinda scared to travel to #Pakistan on my own even though I would consider myself well-traveled and open to other cultures. Still, I was scared that Pakistan would overwhelm me. But as soon as I crossed the border to Pakistan the police officers welcomed us with a big smile and a cup of tea. And that sums it all up :-)

I will make a movie called “Visa World". It's about borders and differences. It’s about a journey to the other side of the world and what it takes to fight global challenges.

It’s a one (wo)man production because I believe that it doesn’t need much to tell a great story. I'm doing all this to collect donations for the charity KAUGMAON on the Philippines. I know their work and it's coming from their heart to give children a better life.
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