Passengers from Wuhan show QR code for checks upon arrival at airport

  • 4 years ago
China’s Wuhan passengers have to show a QR code on their phones to get through airport checks after landing in Nantong, southern China.

In the footage captured on April 8th, 56 passengers got off the plane, presented the QR code and completed registration.

Wuhan has been the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak and now the remaining confirmed cases in the city has reduced to less than 400.

According to the "Notice on Restoration of Civil Aviation Flights in Hubei Province" issued by National Civil Aviation, domestic flights at Wuhan Tianhe Airport has been resumed from April 8.

From April 8, Nantong Airport resumes Wuhan round-trip flights once a day. For passengers from Wuhan, the airport has also prepared some free drinks and food.

This video was provided by local media.