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Heaven Can Wait (Official Music Video)

Lars Boutrup ´s Music For Keyboards
Taken from the new album "Small as a Ball" by Lars Boutrup´s Music for Keyboards. ( 2015 )
Small as a Ball contains 8 new instrumental compositions written by Lars Boutrup in the style of classic keyboard driven prog rock.Themes, synth and rock organ explosions along with dreaming keyboard playing make Small as a Ball a unique album you want to play again and again. Small as a Ball is mixed with the steady rhythm duo of drums and bass of Fredrik Sunesen and Niels W. Knudsen.Like its predecessor “The Symphonic Dream” Boutrup, Sunesen & Knudsen have added a great live feel on Small as a Ball, with energy, punch and soul.

Line Up:
Lars Boutrup: Organ, Keyboards and Synthesizers
Fredrik Sunesen: Drums , Assorted Percussion
Niels Wihelm Knudsen: Bass
Andreas S. Jensen: Bass