[Read] The Perfect Firm: Your Playbook for Building a Perfect Accounting Business Review

  • 4 years ago
After spending 23 years working with 170,000 accountants in 30 countries Rob Nixon has worked out what a Perfect Firm might look like. Nixon, who has directly coached 800 firms to success and educated tens of thousand more, is the worlds #1 authority on how accounting firms can achieve peak performance and build a great accounting business. In these pages, through plain English you'll discover: * How to combat digital disruption and build a sustainable business * How to develop a business model that produced $1M profit per partner * Strategies from the worlds most profitable firms * Which numbers are important and which are not * How to create capacity without hiring more accountants * How to grow your revenue exponentially * How to market and sell professionally * Why Value pricing must be implemented - and how to implement it * Winning new clients is easy once you know how * A process for engaging your team in new ways. The Perfect firm is your playbook for for building a perfect accounting business.