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2 years ago

Meet Brian Catibog

Brian Catibog
Brian Catibog is an experienced accountant with over ten years of working in the industry. Throughout his career, Brian has dealt with many different complex and challenging assurance and tax issues. Detail-oriented and skillful with organization and time-management, Brian Catibog has developed many skills that have allowed him to excel in accounting and auditing financial information.

Brian first began his career after graduating from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. He completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree in Accounting from the I.H. Asper School of Business. Shortly after receiving his degree, Brian began working as an Intermediate Accountant. He began perfecting his auditing skills and preparing year-end statements and recording daily transactions that were then submitted to the government.

Brian Catibog developed skills in communication with clients as well as corporate communications. He then went on to take on another role with the same title at a different company. There, Brian was able to take on more responsibility by supervising and completing audit files during peak season, while training approximately six students. His ability to lead groups and manage multiple people and projects improved as they continued to work towards meeting deadlines.

Later, Brian Catibog took on a role as a Manager, where he continued to expand his skill set. Brian can adapt to new software and technologies as well as possess expertise with Microsoft Office and other various accounting and tax software, including CaseWare, Profile, TaxPrep, and Caseview. As a manager, he had plenty of experience in analyzing complex financial information and then explaining this information in a simplified way that clients would be able to understand. Aside from the accounting work he did, Brian was also involved in business operations such as the hiring of new employees and provided training to them as well.

Soon Brian realized that he had the skills and knowledge necessary to start an accounting firm. He set up a successful accounting practice that was specialized in providing audits related to communities and organizations of the local area. He was able to register as a public accounting firm with the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta.

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