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Warcraft 3: Ujimasa Presents 7 Kingdoms - Kingdom of Kul Tiras in Zul'Dare

Ujimasa Hojo
Presentation of my Kul Tiras faction in my 7 Kingdoms map series for Warcraft 3. Reminder that this map was created a long time before Battle for Azeroth came along. You can choose the faction when playing as Humans. READ MORE BELOW.

You can download the map here:
Check out my custom maps here:
Check out my custom models here:
If you are a fan of similar modded stuff, join us at HiveWorkshop:
YouTube equivalent here:
BitChute equivalent here:
DTube equivalent here:
FruitLab equivalent here:

Special Thanks to the following:
Blizzard Entertainment for Warcraft 3
Guessed for his MDLX Converter:
Magos for his War3 Model Editor:
Oinkerwinkle for his W3 vertexmodify:
Retera for his Matrix Eater 3D Model Editor:

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