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Together Is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration Best Sellers Rank : #1
New York Times bestselling author Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist and he wants to share that optimism. With this beautifully illustrated book he inspires readers to seek out a brighter future ? and build it together. Simon Sinek has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers with his two classic bestsellers, Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last. The mission of all his work, from the biggest speech to the simplest tweet, is to build a world in which people wake up every day inspired to go to work, feel safe while there, then return home feeling fulfilled at the end of the day.Now, in this delightfully illustrated book full of axioms and anecdotes, Sinek expands that vision with new ideas that will inspire readers to overcome obstacles and become the leaders they wish they had. The book is organized around the challenges we all face in the modern world of work, whether we?re just out of college or trying to lead a giant company. From confronting doubts, to building a team, to recovering from failure, Sinek helps us see things in a fresh and inspiring way. Consider just a few of his insights?. ?A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.??Fight against something and we focus on the thing we hate. Fight for something and we focus on the thing we love.??We?d achieve more if we chased the dream instead of the competition.?Readers will turn time and again to the aphorisms in A Little Book of Inspiration, and share it with friends, family, and colleagues.? It can help anyone get out of the rut most us pretend is the fast track.

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