Japanese baseball player whacked on the shoulder replies with an impressive home run

  • 5 years ago
This sporting baseball player was whacked on his shoulder by a wayward pitch - turning down a free move to first base and replying with a home run.

Kenshin Sugawara was hitting for his team Kazo City as they trailed in the summer high school baseball tournament in Hyogo, Japan, on August 11.

After missing the first throw, he was then smashed on the shoulder by the pitcher from Akashi Commercial High School.

But he modestly blamed himself, declined a free move to the first base in line with baseball rules and told the ref he would face the third pitch.

The sporting act appeared to have paid off - and when Kenshinstepped back he replied with an incredible home run.

Despite his team going head, the opponents eventually won. But Kenshinendeared himself to the crowd with his behaviour.

Speaking after, he said: ''I think I was in the wrong since I slouched to avoid it, I told the umpire I was sorry, and also apologized to the pitcher.

''Many people were watching. Koshien is sacred ground, and we’re here as representatives of Saitama.

''I wanted to play the game in a way that people would be glad that Hanasaki is here. High school students have to play fair and show good sportsmanship.''