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Neighborhood Electric Vehicles - NEVs

As global warming gets worse and gas prices climb ever higher, more and more people are interested in electric vehicles... but few people realize that you can actually buy decent electric cars right now. There are already a great and growing variety of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, or NEVs, available for purchase right now. These fully electric, zero emission vehicles are designed for driving around overly congested urban areas, gated communities or other private or public areas with roads that have low posted speed limits. Currently, NEVs are legally required to have a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour and can only drive on roads with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less. NEVs can usually travel between 30-60 miles per battery charge, and once they run low, they can be plugged into conventional home wall sockets to recharge their batteries. Most states allow NEVs on their slower speed limit roads, and some are considering legislation that will allow their top speeds to be upped to 35 miles per hour so they can drive on roads with posted speed limites of 45 mph, which would create a new class of cars called Medium Speed Electric Vehicles. And even though an NEV can't replace your regular car for long trips on roads with faster speed limits, you'd be surprised by how much gas you save when you take your NEV out for short trips around your neighborhood. And since the car produces absolutely zero emissions, you'll be helping the environment with every beer run, grocery store trip, or quick ride into town that you take in an NEV instead of a conventional, gas powered vehicle. Check out your state's laws regarding NEVs before you purchase one, and get ready to help the environment at 25 miles per hour. I'm HOST and you've been watching RPMFreaks.Com. Keep watching for more news, reviews, and tips from the automotive world. Distributed by Tubemogul.