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2 years ago|29 views

Moms Incredible Ninja Moves To Avoid Waking Preschooler

This mom displayed some ninja-like moves to sneak out of her son’s bedroom without waking him - only for him to rise five minutes later. Lauren Chamides, from Fair Lawn, NJ, knows every creaky floorboard in the family’s home, but especially in five-year-old son Hayden’s room. Being a light sleeper, she has learned to stealthily creep out of the room in the dark - avoiding objects and creaky floorboards as she goes. But nanny cam footage recorded on the family’s monitor device shows the hilarious moment Lauren employs her nightly ninja-like moves to creep out and close the door. But literally five minutes later, Hayden can be seen stirring before exiting his bed and heading downstairs.
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