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2 years ago

NGE Alternative Saga Episode 1 - Deployment (V2)

Pre-production start-date: June 4, 2018
Production start-date: June 28, 2018
Editing start-date: August 4, 2018
Casting: December 2018-March 2019
Principal Recording start-date: December 21, 2018
Principal Recording end-date: March 21, 2019
Video Finalized: April 22, 2019
Audio Finalized: April 26, 2019

Episode also available at the following locations:

A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Yoko Takahashi)
The Imperial March (John Williams)
Mischevous Shinji (Alex Shannon, based on A Cruel Angel's Thesis instrumental by Hidetoshi Sato)
Angel Attack (Shiro Sagisu)
2EM01_B01 "At The Very Beginning" (Shiro Sagisu)
Misato (Shiro Sagisu)
Tokyo-3 (Shiro Sagisu)
Separation Anxiety (Shiro Sagisu)
Ritsuko (Shiro Sagisu)
The Girl From Ipanema (Frank Sinatra)
EVA-01 (Shiro Sagisu)
E-1 [Decisive Battle] (Rhythm Only) [Spending Time in Preparation] (Shiro Sagisu)
Harbinger of Tragedy (Shiro Sagisu)
A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Yoko Takahashi)
The Beast (Shiro Sagisu)
Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra)
Next Episode (15 second version)

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