Max and Harvey Spill Jayden Bartels Tour Details & Sing "Where Were You" on the Carpet! | Hollywire

  • 5 years ago
We speak with Max and Harvey on the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards! Max and Harvey were in the Hollywire studio and shot glitter guns all over the studio! Their song "Coming Soon" was in the works for seven months! We discuss their 'pet' turtle, which happens to be their friends turtle who wears their merchandise. We also chat about how Hollywire released their single before they did! Sorry guys! The duo tell us about their European tour and how well they know it. They tell us about their new song with Jayden Bartels and sing part of it live on the orange carpet for us! The shoot for their music video "Trade Hearts" took them about 13 hours to shoot and they had an amazing time doing it.