Growing Marijuana in Toronto: Start with the Seeds

  • 5 years ago
Toronto is a fine city, and its fine citizens deserve only the finest marijuana seeds? Right? That's where Pacific Seed Bank comes in.


It’s a new world for marijuana lovers in Canada, and there’s no doubt Torontonians are eager to raise the green flag!

Choosing Pacific Seed Bank for your marijuana seeds is hands-down the best choice you could make for your flowery future.

We have all the seeds you need to get started or keep going, wherever you are in your cannabis journey.

With hundreds of strains and more being added on the regular, from a dozen respected and time-tested breeders, we make choosing, ordering, and receiving your marijuana seeds as easy as a nice CBD-infused pie!

Looking for something to relax with after a long day at work? Pacific has you covered. Thinking about trying a natural alternative to treat your pain? Yep, we’re right there for you. Whatever your skill level, age, or requirement, you just can’t go wrong ordering from Pacific Seed Bank!

Search by symptom, strain, or species. Picking your ideal strain from all those options is the only tricky part of shopping with Pacific - we make the ordering and delivery process as painless as possible!

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Pacific Seed Bank … Get Your Grow On