Pacific Seed Bank Calls California "Home Sweet Home" - Cultivate Your Own!

  • 5 years ago
Attention all you beautiful Golden Staters! We have what you've been looking for!


Maybe you’ve been there. California’s laws let you grow your own marijuana now, but you don’t know where to start! There are so many companies out there, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of strains. How do you know which companies are “legit”, which strains are the best, and - once you do have what you need - what the heck to do with those plants?

Welcome to Pacific Seed Bank. We’re proud to offer our satisfied and oft-returning customers great things:

Gardner’s choice - We have those hundreds of strains we already mentioned

Options - We carry strains from a dozen different companies, so if you like our shipping and guarantees but not a certain company, you can simply pick another!

Customer satisfaction - Not only do we have an awesome insurance policy for your seeds, our customer support team is top-notch.

Tons of Help - Our site is loaded - and always being topped up - with tips and tricks and details about every aspect of growing, plus detailed product descriptions so you know what to expect.

Sound like your kind of seed bank? Start browsing our sweet selection, today!