Everything You Need to Know About Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  • 5 years ago
Ever wondered about buying and growing autoflowering marijuana seeds? Well, if you have questions, we have answers!


Are you new to growing? Do you have a teeny tiny little grow room?

Boy, do we have the marijuana seeds for you!

Infomercial intro aside, we really do think you’ll love our autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Autos are a fantastic choice for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space or is just dipping their toes into the world of cannabis cultivation.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are harvested from plants cross-bred with ruderalis, a special cannabis species that comes from Russia, where cooler temps and shorter summers required this hardy little guy to flower more quickly, and without relying on hours of sunlight.

Their little survival mutation could mean your new favorite way to grow!

At Pacific Seed Bank, we have hundreds of autoflowering strains for you to choose from, including regular flowering favorites that have been transformed, and brand-new beauties that will open all kinds of dope new doors.

Autos are hardier, smaller, quicker to harvest, and just as potent as their regular half-siblings.

Take a wander through our digital shelves and find the perfect autoflowering strain for you - it’s never been easier to get marijuana seeds sent right to your door.

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