About Pacific Seed Bank

  • 5 years ago
Welcome to Pacific Seed Bank. Here's what we're all about!


Hi there!

Welcome to Pacific Seed Bank

We’re pumped you’re here, and can’t wait to show off how awesome we are, if you’ll just give us a couple minutes of your time.

We know you’re busy. That’s actually a big part of why we’re here.

Who has time to go to the store and browse shelves, these days? Especially when the nature of storefronts means they only have so much room for product and you could end up visiting three places before you find what you’re looking for.

Enter - online shopping.

Yeah, we know, it’s nothing new. But maybe you’ll be a bit blown away by the selection of marijuana seeds we offer here at Pacific Seed Bank.

I’m talking hundreds of strains.

All of them feminized

All of them fresh.

All of them eagerly waiting to go to their new home and start their new life.

Looking to relax? We gotcha. Need a natural energy boost? Yep, got that, too.

With more than two decades of cannabis knowhow under our belts, it’s no wonder Pacific Seed Bank is getting lots of love.

We bring you only the best, the brightest, the bluntest marijuana seeds, from our west coast home to yours - wherever you may be.

All our breeders are the cream of the cannabis crop, and our strains are sublime.

We play host to fantastic breeders like:

Norcal Farms, and the talented green thumbs who call the Mendocino region home,

Original Harvest, where superb strains like Harlequin and Bubblegum reside,

And Original Kush, where only the finest indicas are coaxed and coddled.

Please, come browse our bud!