Matsuri Festival 2018 1-13, Bon Odori Dance, Yuki Hime (Nana Mizuki), JCS Hula Aloha, Shizuka(Violin), Makota Tanaka Folk, JCS Sydney Soran Dancing Troupe, YuNiOn, Mews Au, Uncle Tetsu's AGS, Miraedolls, Mad Unity, Sakura Kids, Sydney, 8Dec18

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Matsuri Festival 2018 1-13, Bon Dance, Yuki Hime (Nana Mizuki), JCS Hula Aloha, Shizuka(Violin), Makota Tanaka Folk, JCS Syd Soran Dancing Troupe, YuNiOn,Mews Au, Uncle Tetsu's AGS102, Miraedolls, Mad Unity, Sakura Kids Cheerleading(In order), Darling Harbour, Sydney, 8 Dec18

Uncle Tetsu's Angel Garden "ags102"

Sakura Kids

Matsuri Festival Sydney Playlist 2018, 2014


Some of the performances

Matsuri Japan Festival is a Japanese festival held every year to celebrate Japanese culture and cross cultural friendship between the Japanese community and Local community. This event is for everyone who loves Japan as much as we do – and we hope to continue introducing Japan and spreading interest in Japan.
This event was founded back in 2006, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Japan and Australia’s friendship. Since then, Sydney’s Japanese community have been working hard to host a traditional style Matsuri, making this event a Summer staple for Sydney community.
The Matsuri Japan Festival held back in December, 2012 was a warm up event for Australia-Japan Tourism Exchange Year in 2013, and saw 16,000 people at the event. The event in 2013 then saw over 20,000 people and Tokyo City joined Matsuri to publicise the incredible wonders of Tokyo. The 2017 event held at fantastic Tumbalong Park, we had over 55,000 people joined to experience and enjoy the cultural exchange with big smiles. It surely made the biggest Matsuri event in our history and a Japanese festival in Sydney!
You will find many Japanese festival attractions at Matsuri, including Japanese food stalls, beer garden, and gorgeous Japanese items. At our exhibition booths, you will find traditional arts and cultural experience of Japanese Calligraphy, Flower Arrangement, Tea Ceremony or Origami and more. Also over on the stage, you will enjoy the entertainment from the the traditional Wadaiko drum or Karate demonstration to J-POP or Cosplay show through the day!
We look forward to see you at Matsuri Japan Festival!

Matsuri Japan Festival

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